Howard Wilhite

howard-wilhiteHoward Wilhite

In the 1990’s, Howard Wilhite joined the organization having worked for the TCEQ in a regulatory position, thus bringing vast experience in all regulatory matters that are required by the State.  Howard is the Senior Vice-President of Hays Utility South with a total of 28 years in the industry. In addition to his regulatory work, Howard oversee the Service and Construction Departments ans has several Utility Districts as his personal accounts.

Howard attended Texas A&M University and received his degree from University of Texas Pan American.  After attaining his Bachelor of Science in Biology, Howard did graduate work in Marine Invertebrate Biology.  Howard is currently working on a Master’s in Environmental Health and expects to complete this course of study in August, 2015.  He has several scientific papers published and has presented his work at scientific meetings.

After graduating from the University of Texas – Pan American, Howard worked for the Texas A&I Citrus Research Station for 6 years prior to joining the State of Texas in regulatory compliance in what is now the TCEQ.  He has been with Hays Utility South for 18 years.  He is a member of the American Water Works Association, the Water Environmental Federation, the National Environmental Health Association and the Sam Houston Water Utility Association.  Howard has a B license in water as well as wastewater.  He is also a Registered Sanitarian.

Howard is married with 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. He loves to do stained glass work, grows orchids and is very involved in church activities.


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